Hello there lovely listeners, apologies for the delay in this week's episode, but we do have a whole episode filled to the brim with comic news and information! This time we take a look at a controversial variant cover being pulled, some brand new costumes for a few DC Heroes, a new Teaser trailer, and a bunch of fantastic comics that came out this week. Join us for another exciting episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Comic Book Podcast!


(00:02:30) Batgirl #41 variant cover pulled by Artist Rafael Albuquerque 

(00:08:40) Wonder Woman has a new Costume 

-Green Lantern, Flash, & Green Arrow costume

(00:16:52) A death in a Comic Book Family!?! 

(00:21:59) Flash this week on CW 

(00:27:13) Marvel Announces which comic Series will end with Secret Wars 

(00:33:19) Marvel releases a new Avengers Teaser Trailer.


(00:40:28) Batgirl 40 

(00:42:46) Batgirl: Endgame 1

(00:43:51) Superman 39 

(00:47:12) Princess Leia 2 

(00:51:12) Silk 2 

(00:55:52) Black Vortex - All New X-Men 39 & Guardians Team-Up 3 

(01:01:27) Black Widow 16 

(01:04:55) Chrononauts 1 

(01:11:39) Frankenstein Underground 1 

(01:17:17) Secret Identities 2 

(01:19:20) Lumberjanes 12 

Also check out:

(01:20:42) Monkey Brains Comics 

Music featured on the podcast is from Twin Falcons

Editor's Note: Also folks, this week marks the first time that we have Timestamped Show Notes! Hopefully this helps folks who want to hear our opinions of a particular comic or news story, but don't have the time to listen to the whole cast in one sitting. I'll be adding these in to each episode going forward, so hopefully this helps you all find just what you're looking for - Andy

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