This week (or actually the week of April 15th), we invite our good friend Cams on to the show to discuss the brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and we take a trip to Hell's Kitchen to look over Netflix Marvel's Daredevil. Add in a week of spectacular releases and you can't go wrong with another episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Comic Book Podcast!


(00:03:45) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer #2

(00:10:21) Netflix Marvel's Daredevil


(00:45:46) Thor 07

(00:52:31) JL8 by Yale Stewart

(00:56:52) Ms Marvel 14

(01:02:09) Spiderman and the X-Men

(01:06:31) Convergence: Aquaman 01

(01:11:15) Convergence: Superboy 01

(01:12:55) Chrononauts 02

(01:19:47) Uncanny X-Men 033

(01:24:50) Lumberjanes 13

(01:27:??) Archie vs Predator 01

(01:31:40) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 02

(01:34:59) RUNLOVEKILL 01

(01:37:27) The Fade Out 05

Music featured on the podcast is from Twin Falcons.

- Sorry for the long delay in between episodes, folks, Finals and a hectic few weeks of work have been making finding time for editing really difficult. Episode 21 should be up soon, and Episode 22 will be a double sized cast, with us covering comic Releases from April 29th, and May 6th on the show. Thanks for your understanding folks, we love each and every one of you.- Andy.

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