Hello there listeners, apologies for the delay in getting you all episode eighteen, but the schedules of the cast have been a bit more hectic as of late. This week we have a ton of casting news across several comic properties, the beginning of DC's Convergence event, and a slew of wonderful comics hitting the shelves. Join us for another thrilling episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Comic Book Podcast.


(00:02:53) Andy Serkis confirmed as Ulysses Klaw

(00:09:35) Stephen Amell cast as Casey Jones in TMNT 2

(00:13:22) Hawkgirl & Rip Hunter cast in Flash/Arrow Spinoff

(00:18:55) Electra Woman & Dyna Girl reboot

(00:24:24) Deadpool Costume & Role Reveals


(00:29:59) Spider Gwen 3

(00:34:05) Guardians Team-Up 04

(00:39:43) Avengers: Rage of Ultron [OGN]

(00:45:50) Avengers: Ultron Forever

(00:52:45) Gotham Academy: Endgame 1

(00:58:54) Batman: Eternal

(01:01:04) Convergence 000

(01:06:39) Uncanny Inhumans 000

(01:11:58) Iron Fist: the Living Weapon 11

(01:17:21) Rocket Raccoon 10

(01:20:31) Kanan - the Last Padawan 1

(01:23:29) No Mercy

(01:27:26) Space Riders

Music featured in the podcast is from Twin Falcons.

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